1 ton chain fall hoist before use inspection and safety operation precautions

- Dec 15, 2018-

Before using the 1 ton chain fall hoist, first check the quality of the attached hooks and chains without cracks. The pawl spring should ensure reliable braking. During use, the upper and lower hooks must be hung, the lifting chain must be straightened, and the chain ring must not be twisted to avoid jamming the chain when in use. When lifting, the operator should stand in the same plane as the lifting hoist sprocket, and the force should be even and gentle.
If it is blocked when pulling, you should find out the cause in time, and remember not to use excessive force or shake the chain. Moreover, no matter where the position is used, the zipper and the sprocket are in the same direction to prevent the zipper from being undocked, and the operator should stand in the same plane as the hand-drawn chain to pull the chain. When using, first pull the bracelet back and loosen the weight bar to make it have a sufficient lifting distance. The force should be even and gentle during operation, and the force should not be too strong, so as to avoid the chain jump or the snap ring.
In the process of using 1 ton chain fall toist, the number of zippers should be determined according to the lifting capacity. If you find any abnormal problems, you should pay attention to check whether the heavy objects are involved with other objects; whether the hoist parts are damaged or not; whether the weight exceeds the lifting weight.