1000 LBS hand winch features and instructions for use

- May 02, 2018-

The 1000 LBS hand winch is a manual winch with an automatic braking system. This product is generally part of the label production. The 1000-pound manual winch, which can also be referred to as a hand winch, belongs to a machine tool that pulls the cargo by manually shaking the winch drum.


1000 LBS hand winch Features Description: Analysis of the current application situation, the product is mainly used to drag boats, yachts or motor vehicles; because of its own automatic braking function, it is very safe to use. For the user, the product is relatively simple to operate, flexible in use, can be used from different directions, and has strong applicability.


1000 LBS hand winch product property description: Under normal use, the maximum pulling force of the product is 1000 pounds; the gear ratio is 4:1; the handle length is 230 mm; the safety belt is 50 mm * 6.10 m; the net weight is 18.5 Kg; gross weight 20.5 kg; packaging is generally used carton, 6 per case. When we use this product, we mainly pull the cargo by rotating the wire rope wound on it through a gear-driven winch rope drum. It comes with an automatic brake, which makes it safer to operate. When the winch wire rope pulls the cargo and the winch drum remains stationary, brake employment will automatically start.


Manual use of 1000 LBS hand winch Product Description: In general, one of the highlights of this product is the portable, can be connected from any direction of the car. In fact, the manual winch is another option outside the vehicle's winch when various rescue operations are required. The product is light and strong, electroplated, pressed steel structure, and the wire rope pushes the unit by pulling the pulleys with two internal fixed forks.


During the operation of the 1000 LBS hand winch, when the forks were in the winch forward mode, an automatic braking system was formed by pulling on the steel cable. The fork is automatically locked when the grip increases. Manual winches can also be used for lifting. In short, the 1000-pound manual winch belongs to a lifting tool suitable for many places and is widely used.