1000 LBS hand winch in practical use and use characteristics

- May 11, 2019-

1000 LBS hand winch In the actual application process, some auxiliary items are essential for safe and smooth use of the winch, such as gloves can safely protect the hand. In addition, if the winch is to be fixed to a tree, a strap, a u-shaped lifting lug and a tight pulley are required. The strap is used to fix the fulcrum. Its ideal length is 1.5 to 2 meters; the u-shaped lifting lugs connect the hooks to the belt and the winch. Therefore, it is best to prepare several sizes of lifting lugs; when using double or triple lines, when changing the drag direction, you need a tight line pulley.


1000 lb manual winch features


1. The traction force of the winch is determined by the pound and can be converted into tons or kilograms by conversion. It is best to choose a winch with a high number of pounds because the weight of the trapped vehicle is often much higher than the daily weight. Do not pull objects that exceed the traction force of the winch.


2. The more the number of turns of the cable of the winch wound on the reel, the smaller the pulling force of the outer ring. The long reel of the reel can reduce the number of turns of the winding to increase the traction of the outer ring. For the same winch, the shorter outer cable has a longer outer ring traction than the shorter one.


The 1000-pound manual winch is a vertically mounted winch, a machine that can be wound under power but does not store ropes, and a winch that has a rotational axis perpendicular to the deck. It is a self-protection and traction device for vehicles and boats. Self-rescue and rescue in harsh environments such as snow, swamps, deserts, beaches, and muddy mountain roads, and under other conditions, operations such as clearing, hauling, and installation facilities are military, police, petroleum, hydrological, and environmental protection. Safety equipment indispensable for forestry, transportation, public security, border defense, fire fighting and other outdoor sports.