Advantages of triangle manual hoist

- Aug 21, 2018-

Advantages of triangle manual chain block

      Wuxi Yongchang manual chain block products are mainly divided into three categories according to their shape: circle, triangle and square. Round hand hoist is the most widely used product in China, and triangular hand hoist is the preferred export product, favored by foreign customers, especially the unique advantages of the following detailed introduction. 


1. The outer shell of the manual hoist adopts the triangular shell made of steel, which is stronger and more stable than the common round shell.

2. The friction sheet inside the manual hoist improves the wear resistance in the production process, and a set of friction sheet is also distributed in the sales process.

3. Manual hoist chains are rust-proof before they leave the factory, and the length can be customized according to customer needs.

4. The rotating gear of the manual chain block is heat-treated at high temperature so as to achieve high wear resistance, so that the hand hoist can adapt to high-strength and high-frequency working environment, and prolong the service life of the hand hoist. The chain of the hand hoist can withstand more than four times the pulling force to ensure the safety of the work.

5. Compared with other series of products, the triangular hand hoist has the characteristics of advanced structure, high strength components and easy maintenance.