Analysis of the performance and application of 5T chain block

- May 11, 2018-

The 5T chain block is mainly used for short-distance handling of small equipment and cargo. Usually its lifting weight is generally not more than 100 tons. The shell material of the 5-ton chain hoist is usually made of high-quality alloy steel, so it has strong characteristics such as strong and safe. It belongs to a kind of easy-to-use lifting appliance and is now widely used in different fields.


As a whole, the structural design of the 5T chain block product is very reasonable, and the material selection is more exquisite, and the appearance design is beautiful, the volume is small, the floor area is small, the weight is light, the pulling force is small, the mechanical strength is high, and the toughness Large, safe to use, durable and so on. In addition to being used alone, this product can also be combined with other types of hand-pulled monorails to form a hand-pulling and transporting trolley to achieve the function of walking and lifting heavy objects.


In practical applications, when it is necessary to use a 5-ton chain hoist mechanism to lift the weight upward, the manual chain and the bracelet wheel should be rotated clockwise, and when the lower wheel is twisted, the zipper strip should be moved counterclockwise. The plate is separated, the ratchet is stationary under the action of the pawl, and the five-tooth long axis drives the lifting sprocket to run in the opposite direction, thereby smoothly reducing the weight. Hand chain hoists generally use ratchet friction plate type one-way brakes, which can automatically brake under load. The pawl meshes with the ratchet wheel under the action of the spring to make the brake work safely.


From the perspective of application, the 5-ton chain hoist mechanism has the advantages of safety and stability, easy maintenance, high work efficiency, small pull force of the bracelet, lighter weight, easy portability, beautiful appearance, small size and durability. At present, it shows its excellent performance in the actual workplace.


In addition to these features, the 5T chain block mechanism also has a long service life, while its toughness, small size, light weight, and easy to carry. Not only that, the 5-ton hand chain hoist has a small hand pulling force and high mechanical strength. It can save a lot of labor when used, and it has powerful functions and meets the requirements of users.