Analysis of the use and disassembly of hand chain hoist

- Nov 01, 2018-

      Hand chain blocks are purchased for use naturally, and the removal of hand-pulling hoists is usually carried out when problems occur in use. It is necessary to be skilled and careful when using or dismantling.

      Hand chain hoists should not be used in bad light at night. It can not be seen clearly during operation and is prone to accidents. It is forbidden to use hand cramp when there is obvious crack and noise. When chain wear is serious, cracks and serious deformation are prohibited, use hand hoist. During the lifting process, the cargo is tilted, and when the bundle is loose, it is forbidden to continue to work. No use when goods are overloaded.

     These details should be paid attention to when the manual chain block is disassembled: it must be handled lightly, and it is forbidden to smash the parts, so as to avoid deformation and damage of the parts can not be used. And need to be operated by professionals, in order to avoid accidents caused by improper operation, or because do not understand the principle of the product, damage to small parts. The disassembled parts need to be placed properly, so they can not be discarded at will, so as not to affect the installation. After disassembly, it needs to be assembled in sequence. After installation, no-load and load tests are carried out to confirm normal operation before it can be put into use.