Applicable objects and precautions for drum lifting clamp

- May 18, 2019-

The drum lifting clamp is suitable for the lifting of the oil drum. The maximum weight of the single oil drum pliers allowed to lift is the rated load, and the single or group use in the lifting operation. The bucket lifting clamp shall not collide with the suspended object during the lifting process. The test load is twice the rated load and the breaking load is 4 times the rated load.


The lifting clamp of the oil drum shall be carried out by the qualified person of the hanging and hanging operation. The selected type of machine shall be used within the allowable load range, and shall be allowed to be used within the thickness range. Hanging, leaning on the object and swaying, do not enter the hanging or flipping area.


Oil drum lifting clamps shall not be allowed to be hit or collided by hanging objects and spreaders; the hanging objects shall not be moved or stopped abruptly; the weight of the hanging objects shall be avoided, and it is better to use more than two hanging utensils for safety. Check the bite, gasket, inter-tooth blockage, wear and other abnormal phenomena before use. Check it before use. Overloading is strictly prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to stay in the air for a long time when carrying weight.