Application of Lever Principle in Electric Hoist

- Mar 19, 2020-

Electric hoist travel mechanism-The rotary motion of the main shaft is transmitted to the horizontal link mechanism shaft through two gears, whereby the shaft drives the beam wheel shaft through other link mechanisms. In a bevel gear mechanism, the gears on the main shaft are connected or separated from each other by a dual gear surface adapter, and the adapter is also used to engage the wave mechanism.
The electric hoist is adjusted by five handles and a pedal lever, which are directly arranged in order. Obviously, using these levers can produce the following various actions:
1.motor switch;
2.Adjust the slip ring to reverse the rotation of the device;
3.Pinion gear of clutch lifting mechanism;
4.Release the brake of the lifting mechanism;
5. Change the direction of the rotation conversion mechanism;
6. Engage the arm wave mechanism or walking mechanism.
Electric hoist is a hoist specially designed for lifting and handling up to 5 tons of cargo. The hoist meets the upgrading needs of industries such as general manufacturing. The electric hoist is protected by a hard aluminum housing and is easy to open and repair. Its ergonomic hanging controller adopts rubber-covered design to ensure its stability.