Application scope and usage precautions of SL drum clamp

- Feb 05, 2019-

SL drum clamps are suitable for vertical lifting of oil drums. The single SL type barrel pliers allow the maximum lifting weight to be rated load, and can be used in single or group in lifting operation. Do not collide with the object to be lifted during lifting. The SL type pliers can be used for lifting cylindrical objects, so whether it is the oil industry or the chemical industry, the oil drum clamps are very useful as lifting tools.
SL drum clamps are sturdy and durable, economical and practical; they are compact and easy to operate; they meet the relevant specifications and are widely used for lifting steel oil drums and steel boxes with reinforced primary edges. SL type barrel pliers should be used in accordance with the instructions in the manual, do not operate in violation of regulations.
Before the lifting, inspection work should be carried out to prevent the damage of the SL type pliers; during the lifting process, it is necessary to ensure a smooth rise, and there is liquid in the oil drum to ensure stability and prevent liquid from benefiting. When placing the oil drum when the work is lowered, be careful not to shake it, and also keep it in a stable state to prevent it from falling. In order to protect the SL type pliers, the oil drum tongs must be maintained, and the lubricant should be applied in time to reduce the friction of the oil drum tongs, and the oil drum can be safely lifted.