Attention requirements and lifting process of vertical plate lifting clamp

- May 04, 2019-

Vertical plate lifting clamps can be effectively divided into several different models to meet our needs. We can use different types of steel plate clamps according to the length and width of the steel plate and the stacking conditions. Commonly used horizontal hanging steel clamps, mainly used for horizontal lifting of steel plates; laminated steel lifting clamps, mainly used for horizontal lifting of multi-layer steel plates and thick steel plates, vertical lifting clamps, specially used for vertical lifting of steel plates, flipping Hanging clamps are mainly used for the flipping of steel profiles.


Pay attention to the following points when using vertical steel plate lifting clamps


1. The vertical steel plate lifting clamp can only lift one steel plate at a time. If you want to lift multiple steel plates at a time, you can buy or stack steel plate clamps.


2. It is strictly forbidden to use overload and the consequences are serious.


3. If there is a serious tilt after lifting the steel plate, the clamp should be reinstalled.


4. During lifting, it is strictly forbidden to collide and impact the steel plate.


5. The lifting process should be as smooth as possible. It is strictly forbidden to stand or pass on the items below.


6. The surface hardness of the suspended steel plate shall not be greater than HB220. Vertical lifting clamps are not suitable for lifting stainless steel plates


7. No oil is allowed on the surface of the suspended part of the steel plate.