Attention to use manual chain hoist in cold days

- Dec 22, 2018-

      What should we have to pay attention when we are using hand chain blocks in cold season?


      First, the operator pays attention to his own warmth. Outdoors, the temperature is very low, the internal parts of the chain hoist may freeze, causing damage to each part, and in this extreme temperature environment, there may be heat rise and contraction, and also The gourd produces a hazard. And in the winter, pay attention to bring gloves, direct contact with the equipment will cause damage to the opponent and may cause an accident.

      The second point is that snow and snow are prone to occur in winter. Under such weather conditions, improper use or improper maintenance may cause the hoist to rust and affect the service life, especially for users who work outdoors. Pulling the hoist can greatly increase the service life.

      The last point is that when a foggy weather occurs in winter, when using a chain hoist in dense fog weather, pay attention to reminding passers-by around the workplace with conspicuous signs to prevent passers-by from accidentally hitting the work area, causing unnecessary trouble.

      The above is the precautions for the use of chain hoists in the winter. If you have any problems, please call.