Benefits of double pawls manual chain hoists

- Nov 23, 2018-

      The ratchet pawl is composed of friction disc, ratchet wheel and two ratchets. Ratchet pawl is often used in various machine tools and automatic intermittent feed or rotary table positioning, but also commonly used in lifting machinery. Hand-pulled hoists are used more often.

      Its main feature is that it has the functions of decelerating, stopping or keeping the moving parts in a stop state. It can stop or decelerate the moving parts in the machinery. For double-pawl and single-pawl, double-pawl is superior to single-pawl in braking and safety, which makes the performance more stable.

      Wuxi Yongchang hand chain block is a double-pawl brake as a brake device. The advantage of using double-pawl brake is that when a pawl breaks down, there will be no heavy falling due to braking failure. With the double pawl brake, the braking of the manual chain block will be more secure.