Braking performance and daily maintenance of Hand Lever Hoist

- Mar 12, 2019-

The various components of the Hand Lever Hoist are made of high-quality materials and have a reasonable structural design, so the performance is excellent, especially the braking performance of the manual hoist is better. Its brake is mainly composed of a ratchet, two friction plates, and a brake base, so that when the lever hoist brakes, the friction plate will be squeezed with the ratchet, thereby generating a huge friction to achieve the braking effect.


The friction plate in the manual hoist brake is a special friction plate, so it is safe and reliable to use, and there is no quality problem. When the hoist stops to rise, it can immediately exert the braking effect, which is very sensitive; the lever hoist is braked. Sensitive, but also requires careful inspection and maintenance to ensure that its performance is not affected.


When the manual hoist is used for daily maintenance, the whole body can be immersed in the kerosene tank, soaked for several minutes and shaken several times. After draining the oil, a few drops of oil can be dripped inside the movement. Internal mechanical components should be cleaned and lubricated according to the application. If there is more dirt accumulated in the machine, the hoist should be disassembled to prevent the movement from being blocked and affecting the use. After each project is completed, it should be cleaned and maintained once.


After the parts are disassembled and cleaned, they must be installed in the original position. After checking and confirming normal, they can continue to be used. The riveting of the manual hoist cannot be disassembled; when reassembling, the length of the clip must be reassembled as shown in the structural drawing.