Cable Puller use and application fields

- Apr 18, 2019-

Power line workers often use Cable Puller, which are used as Cable Puller wires in overhead line installations. When using, first loosen the wire rope or galvanized iron wire on the wire tightener, fix it on the cross arm, clamp the wire with the clamp, and then pull the special wrench.


Due to the anti-reverse action of the pawl, the wire rope or the galvanized iron wire is gradually wound around the ratchet roller to tighten the wire. Secure the tightened wires to the insulator. Then loosen the pawl to loosen the wire rope or galvanized iron wire, then loosen the wire clamp, and finally wind the wire rope or galvanized iron wire around the roller of the ratchet.


The tightener is used to fix functions during the transportation, movement, shipment or storage of goods. They are self-locking and do not fall off, safe, reliable, lightweight, easy to operate, and protect objects from damage. It is easy to operate, labor-saving, safe to use and so on.


The application areas of the tightener include: construction equipment, roads, bridges, metallurgy, mines, slope tunnels, well protection and other infrastructure construction machinery and equipment. The tightener is easy to operate and easy to carry. As long as the standard operation can safely and efficiently carry out the work, it saves manpower and improves work efficiency.