Can the chain hoist continue to be used if the safety tongue is broken?

- Oct 30, 2018-

      Taihu hand chain hoist is mainly composed of hooks, shells, chains and other components, safety tongue is only a small part of the hook on the hand hoist, when it appears to be a problem, can the hand hoist continue to use it? Today Wuxi Yongchang is going to analyze this problem for you.

      First of all, it is named "safety tongue piece". Since it carries the word "safety", its role is to ensure the safety of the operation. In the process of lifting operations, the weight will be affected by gravity and inertia, and the existence of the safety tongue piece is to avoid the heavy object due to excessive shaking amplitude and decoupling. Phenomenon. If the safety tongue is defective, it will increase the risk of homework.

      From the above analysis can be seen when the safety tongue piece problems, the hand hoist should immediately stop operation, timely replacement of equipment, in order to ensure the safety of operation.

      Before using the wuxi yongchang hand hoist, we should carefully check the hand hoist to improve the safety of operation.