Causes and improvement of 1 ton electric chain hoist

- Nov 03, 2018-

In the actual operation, 1 ton electric chain hoist will also have some failure phenomena. The more common ones are cable breakage, contactor contact burnout, and motor shaft head twisting. In response to this situation, we can achieve good results by switching to remote control, replacement of contactors, and skin cushioning devices.


During the use of a 1 ton electric hoist, if the problem of operating cable breakage occurs, the main reason is that the cable material is fatigued after multiple cycles of stress. However, if it is a problem that the motor shaft head is broken, it is mainly due to mechanical shock, and the impact generated when the reverse braking is performed is the largest.


If the contactor contacts burn out, first check if the current is too large. This is because the electric motor of the 1 ton electric hoist is a motor with a special working state, and the heavy load starts and stops frequently, reverse braking, power generation braking, and poor heat dissipation. In addition, during the conversion process, the oppositely controlled contactor may cause a phase-to-phase short circuit due to the freewheeling of the arc.