Chain Block 10 Ton usage instructions

- Jan 03, 2019-

In the process of using the chain hoist 10 tons, the determination of the number of zippers mainly depends on the lifting capacity of the hoist. If you do not move, you should check whether it is overloaded, whether it is hooked, whether the hoist is damaged, and it is strictly forbidden to increase the number of zippers for strong pulling. Remember that the gourd must not be overloaded. When several hoists are lifting a heavy object at the same time, the force should be balanced.


It is usually required that the load of 10 tons per hoist should be kept within 75% of the rated load, and it needs to be operated under the command of a person to ensure the synchronization of the landing. In the process of lifting heavy objects, if the heavy objects are to stay in the air for a long time, the hand chain should be bolted to the heavy object or the lifting chain to prevent the accident from being too long and the machine self-locking failure.


10 tons of chain hoists also need regular maintenance, especially rotating parts need to be replenished in time to reduce wear and prevent chain corrosion. For chains with severe corrosion, broken marks and lines, they must be scrapped or renewed, and they are not allowed to be used. Be careful not to infiltrate the lubricant onto the friction bakelite to prevent self-locking failure. Wipe clean and store in a dry place.