Chain hoist bearing parts need to be cleaned regularly

- Oct 02, 2020-

Maintenance is a very important content for lifting equipment. The same is true for chain hoists. Cleaning and maintenance is not only for external parts, but also for internal bearing parts.

Although the bearing parts are protected by the outer cover, it is generally not easy to enter the stolen goods, but some environments are relatively harsh, and it is inevitable that debris and dust will enter the bearing parts after long-term use. The bearings are originally lubricated with lubricating oil to reduce friction , Once the dust is too much, it will become oil stain on the lubricating oil, which will have a great impact on the operation of the chain hoist.

Therefore, when we regularly clean and maintain the chain hoist, we need to carefully check the bearing parts for debris and dust. If necessary, clean it up and apply lubricating grease in time to ensure the normal operation of the chain hoist.