Chain hoist can be used in manufacturing industry

- Jan 04, 2019-

      The design and construction of production lines and manufacturing processes often requires a complex system of cranes and lifting tools for seamless integration. Our cranes, electric hoists and slings provide the perfect lifting solution. 

      A crane is a multi-action hoist that vertically lifts and horizontally carries heavy objects within a certain range. Also known as the crane, aerial crane, crane. 

      Some of the working characteristics of lifting equipment are intermittent movements, that is, the corresponding mechanisms for taking, moving, unloading, etc. in one working cycle are alternately working, and the development and use of cranes in the market is more and more extensive. Because there are some accidents that often occur without the hoisting and lifting of the outriggers, the driving speed is faster than that of the crawler crane (crawler crane); the operation is stable, the lifting capacity is large, and the walking can be carried out within a certain range, but the road must be flat and solid. The tire pressure meets the requirements and shall not exceed 50CM from the ground; it is forbidden to carry long distances with load. In order to ensure the safety of the operation, at present, it is basically prohibited to carry out lifting operations without using the legs. The types of wire ropes used in cranes include phosphating coated steel wire ropes, galvanized steel wire ropes and smooth steel wire ropes.

      Electric hoist crane is a kind of hoisting machinery, which is a kind of machine for circulation and intermittent movement. A work cycle includes the picking device lifting the item from the picking point, then moving it horizontally to the designated location to lower the item, and then performing a reverse motion to return the picking device to its original position for the next cycle. Electric hoist cranes are mainly classified into single beam cranes, single beam suspension cranes, double beam cranes, wall row cranes, jib cranes, gantry cranes, and hand gantry cranes.