Chain hoists must have a certificate of conformity when purchasing

- Jun 06, 2019-

      The safety buckle looks small and inconspicuous, but it plays a big role. Let's talk about the possible accidents caused by the chain hoist safety buckle and how to improve it, how to avoid it, and realize The importance of safety buckles.

      The chain hoist is compact and stable in use. However, if there is no safety buckle on the hook, it may cause the rope and the hook to loosen. If it is bounced, it will cause casualties. More serious is the object slamming in the special work area. Causes the occurrence of injury to the operator.

      Corrective measures:

      At the time of purchase, there must be a certificate of conformity. There should be a safety buckle on the hook. The Chinese medicine should be regularly inspected and maintained during the process of using the chain hoist. The hidden dangers should be repaired in time. The chain hoists that cannot be repaired or used should be scrapped.