Characteristics of vertical plate lifting clamp and lifting

- May 09, 2018-

With the wide application of steel plate lifting clamps, different structural forms have gradually emerged in order to meet different application requirements. At present, the steel plate lifting clamps can be mainly divided into two types: horizontal lifting clamps and vertical lifting clamps. The so-called vertical lifting clamp, which is the vertical plate lifting clamp. So, what kind of characteristics does this vertical plate lifting clamp have?


In fact, these two types of lifting clamps have their own advantages in practical applications. For example, the horizontal lifting pliers have the characteristics of horizontal lifting and lifting. When lifting, the horizontal lifting clamp jaws are ejected and clamped on the heavy objects to be worked. When dismantling, remove the spreader when the heavy object is on the ground and there is no load. The vertical plate lifting clamp also has a self-locking device, which is safe and reliable.


Not only that, when using this type of vertical plate lifting clamp, it can ensure higher working efficiency, and its fast clamping speed, beautiful appearance, easy to use and easy to maintain. The steel rail clamps are made of high-quality steel, with stable, safe and reliable performance, compact structure, light weight, fixed hanging beam, easy installation, and quick and convenient adjustment of the width of clip rails. They are widely used in automobiles, aviation, metallurgy and other fields.


Next, we will briefly introduce the main difference between the two: About the horizontal lifting pliers, mainly for the horizontal lifting of the steel plate. It uses two tests as the rated load and four supporting operations in the lifting operation. It must be used with the balance beam and can be automatically decoupled. The test load is 2 times the maximum working load. The vertical plate lifting clamp is suitable for vertical lifting of the steel plate and can be automatically decoupled. The test load is 2 times the maximum working load.


The vertical plate lifting clamp should pay attention to several issues when lifting: 1, should pay attention to standard use, to ensure the safety of lifting; 2, not used for excessive hardness of the object; 3, the slope of the object is not available vertical lifting; 4 In the case of horizontal biting, it is not possible to use a standing crane. 5. When standing, you must not lift more than 2 overlapping objects. 6. Use lifting clamps to remove heavy objects such as rust, oil, and paint.