Choose Round Chain Hoist or Triangular Chain Hoist?

- Dec 10, 2018-

      There are round and triangular hand chain hoist on the market. They are not only different in shape, but also in performance. So is it a round hand hoist or a triangular hand hoist? The answer is that triangular manual chain hoist is better.

      The round hand hoist adopts the fixing method of round shell, which welds the screw directly on the shell and then fixes the screw on the wall board. The disadvantage of this method is that the screw is easy to open and weld, and the shell can not protect the internal parts naturally after opening and welding. The triangular hand hoist improves the fixing method of the cover and wall panels, and directly opens holes on the cover with high-strength screw to link the wall panels to make it more compact.

      The difference between circular hand hoist and triangular hand hoist is that the shell of round hand hoist is thin, easy to deform, and the gap between the shell and the internal parts of the hand hoist is large. It is easy to enter the soil or foreign bodies. Because of the structural defects, the parts will become loose, and the falling off will directly affect the safety performance and service life of the hand hoist.

     The triangular hand hoist has made a great improvement on the basis of the round shell hand hoist. The outer shell is designed according to the shape of the "outer wall panel", which makes the outer shell and the inner parts more compact and smaller gap. When receiving the external force, the shell and the inner parts contact closely so that the supporting force of the shell will not deform, and thus can not damage the inner parts.

      Even so, it is not to say that round manual chain hoist has no advantages. Comparatively speaking, circular hand-pulled hoist has lower cost, more reasonable price, which meets the needs of most people, and also meets most of the places where the hand chain block is used. If there is no special requirement, circular and triangular hand chain blocks can be selected.