Construction equipment installation engineering common machine tool chain hoist

- Apr 02, 2019-

      The hand chain hoist is a simple lifting device that is easy to carry and is also known as the fairy hoist. Its outer casing is made of high-quality alloy steel, which is strong and wear-resistant and has high safety performance.

      1. working principle

      As a modified version of the fixed pulley, the hand chain block completely inherits the advantages of the fixed pulley. At the same time, the combination of the reverse speed brake and the chain pulley block are used to symmetrically arrange the secondary spur gear rotating structure. When the chain hoist lifts the weight upwards, the manual chain and the hand wheel rotate clockwise, and the friction plate ratchet and the brake seat are pressed together to rotate together, and the long shaft of the tooth rotates the plate gear, the short shaft of the tooth and the spline hole gear. Thus, the hoisting sprocket of the device on the spline hole gear drives the hoisting chain to smoothly lift the weight. When descending, the chain is pulled counterclockwise, the brake seat is separated from the brake pad, the ratchet is stationary under the action of the pawl, and the long axis of the five teeth drives the lifting sprocket to run in the opposite direction, thereby smoothly descending the weight. The chain hoist generally adopts a ratchet friction plate type one-way brake, which can brake itself under load, and the pawl meshes with the ratchet under the action of the spring, so that the brake works safely.

      2. Characteristics

      The chain hoist is safe, reliable, easy to maintain, high in mechanical efficiency, small in pulling force of the bracelet, light in weight and easy to carry, beautiful in appearance, small in size and durable. It is suitable for factories, mines, construction sites, docks, docks, warehouses, etc. Used to install machines and lift cargo, it shows its superiority for open and no power operation.