High-speed rail construction is inseparable from the merits of chain hoists

- Apr 25, 2019-

      Hand chain hoists as a small crane for human power, although not as good as engineers in high-speed rail construction, but not lower than other high-speed rail equipment. In recent years, high-speed rail has been everywhere, and in the process of building high-speed rail, the figure of the chain hoist is indispensable.

      Why do you say this, because in the construction process of the high-speed rail, the chain hoist can be used for fixed work, so that the overall construction can lift the upper bridge to the top position. In the later stage of the high-speed rail laying process, the chain hoist is mainly used for lifting the rails, saving the handling time of the personnel, saving time and improving work efficiency. In addition to the application of chain hoists on the construction of high-speed rail, the chain hoists will also be used in the construction of the subway.

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