Correct use of electric hoist accessories shackle

- Mar 28, 2020-

Electric hoists often use shackles at work. Therefore, the quality and correct use of the shackles affects whether the electric hoist can work normally.
The shackle should be installed correctly, work within the rated lifting range, insert the safety pin of the shaft pin to ensure safety, and the lateral distance cannot be stressed during use.
Shackles cannot be made of cast iron or cast steel, and cannot be drilled or repaired by welding.
When the buckle body or pin is deformed or damaged to meet the scrap standard, it must be updated in time.
The seemingly insignificant shackle also plays an important role in the work. Only by keeping the details in place can the electric hoist work well.
The effect of the motor device on the metallurgical electric hoist is that the motor has an insulation level of F, uses a cast aluminum shell, and has an external cooling fan, which can be used at high frequencies. The braking device plays a role in the metallurgical electric hoist: in addition to the unique design of the attracting rotor brake, a mechanical brake friction clutch with a safety brake function is also allocated.
Limit switch use function: In addition to using the hammer type upper limit switch, it is also equipped with a dual limit function of the upper / lower limit switch. The function of the friction clutch: When the load exceeds the rated load, the built-in friction clutch will act to prevent the chain hoist from being damaged. In case of failure of the limit switch (hammer type, upper and lower limit), the built-in friction clutch acts to prevent the chain hoist from being damaged. The requirements of metallurgical electric hoist in service life: it can reach M6 working level, so it is concluded that this chain electric hoist has a long service life. Space-saving, easy-to-change structure: small hook spacing, small overall volume, can be installed in small spaces. The lifting height can be easily changed. If it is set to a new use position, the structure can be easily changed (lifting height / track width, etc.). This kind of metallurgical dedicated chain electric hoist is suitable for lifting and handling of molten metal. Is a high-quality, lightweight, flexible operation, safe and reliable performance, a wide range of special chain electric hoist.