Does the depression of the hand chain block cover cause potential safety hazards?

- Dec 17, 2018-

      Wuxi Yongchang hand chain block products in the use process if not more careful, it is easy to collide with sharp objects, resulting in the surface depression of hoist fittings. Shell depression will bring us a lot of trouble, not only will reduce the performance of the hand chain block, but also will pose a threat to our safety.

      1. The depression of the cover of the hand chain block fittings will squeeze the inner space, which will reduce the workspace of the inner parts of the cover, thus affecting their normal work. When the hand chain block strikes seriously, it may also damage its internal parts, which is very serious and we should try our best to avoid.

      2. The depression of the cover will also make the hand chain block prone to chain jamming. The concave cover reduces the operating space of the lifting chain, so when we lift the weight with the hand chain block, if the chain slightly inclined, it may cause the problem of chain jamming, which brings trouble to our work.

      3. The depression of the cover not only makes the hand chain block ugly, but also accelerates its scrapping speed, and the protective effect of the cover will be seriously reduced. The performance of the depressed shell is greatly reduced, and the phenomenon of rust is easy to occur. Therefore, when the shell is depressed, we should repair it immediately.

      In order to make our lifting operation more smoothly, please use the hand-pulled hoist carefully.