Determination of the thickness of manual chain hoist lifting chain and its lifting point

- Nov 15, 2018-

For the manual chain hoist, its chain has two kinds of lifting chain and hand chain. The lifting chain is the most important one. The thickness of the chain is determined by the diameter of the chain, and the load weight is also complementary. The chain hoist is generally divided into 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, etc. The biggest difference between them is that the larger the diameter, the thicker the chain, and the weight is getting bigger and bigger. That is to say, if the chain is too thin, it cannot carry a very heavy object, otherwise it cannot withstand it.


Need to remind the customer is to choose the right chain hoist according to their own needs, because the chain hoist because the chain length and thickness are not the same, certainly the thicker the chain price is relatively expensive, so in the choice When you have time, you must choose the right product to avoid unnecessary waste. In short, the chain thickness of the chain hoist, length and load are complementary.


After selecting the chain thickness of the chain hoist, it is also necessary to determine the position of the suspension point. The selection of the lifting point of the chain hoist lifting work is method, not random selection. Zhejiang is related to the balance of the weight during the lifting process and the chain. Smoothness and so on. Generally, it can be tested by multiple times, and it is observed whether the lifting point is suitable from the balance of the heavy objects. Or before the weight is tied, carefully calculate the center of gravity of the weight, and determine the lifting point according to the specific position of the center of gravity of the weight. At this time, the position of the lifting point needs to be determined for a long time, but the selection is more accurate.