DFQ flip lifting clamps for the scope of application and specifications

- Aug 01, 2018-

DFQ flipper is a lifting device suitable for horizontal lifting, vertical lifting and steel turning of steel plates. These lifting clamps are made of Shougang low-carbon high-quality alloy steel, which is durable, easy to operate and more suitable for H. Steel flips.


The load range of the DFQ inverted lifting clamp is 0-5 tons. Usually, the single test is used as the rated load. When lifting, it should be used alone. When lifting horizontally, the balance beam must be added. It is forbidden to collide with the suspended object during the lifting process. Overloaded.


As a very convenient and common lifting sling, DFQ inverted lifting clamp can double the working efficiency in lifting operation, which is very suitable for the horizontal lifting belt, vertical lifting and steel turning of steel plates, but In actual work, it must be operated in strict accordance with the specifications.


For example, DFQ flip lifting clamps are forbidden to collide with objects in collision lifting operations. It is strictly forbidden to use overload; it is strictly forbidden to move or stop the hanging objects sharply; when standing, the overlap can not be hoisted more than 2; prohibiting the lifting surface from attaching rust, oil sputum and other foreign objects Lifting weights and so on.