Difference between rubber wheel and steel wheel moving tank vehicle

- Nov 08, 2018-

      Moving states (tanks) can be combined with claw jacks and wire rope wrench tractors. Tank trucks can be divided into rubber pulleys, steel wheels and nylon wheels according to the material of the wheels.

      The whole moving state is made of alloy steel, and the roller of rubber pulley moving states is made of rubber, which has the advantage of not damaging the ground. The turntable of the tank truck is made of alloy steel. There are threaded holes in the turntable, which can be used to connect the tank truck with the heavy objects.

      The small wheels of steel wheels have small rolling friction resistance on steel plates, long service life and easy maintenance.

      Steering handling tank, the front two wheels can turn to the right direction.

      Tracked moving states are mainly made of alloy steel roller boards, which have good bearing stability, small travel resistance and are not easy to break. The specifications of tracked tank vary from 5 tons to -500 tons.

      The height of the wheels of the trans-obstacle tank can be adjusted automatically. When encountering obstacles, the wheels will be lifted automatically. When encountering pits, the wheels will drop automatically. The wheels of trans-obstacle tank have the ability of self-adapting to the unevenness of the ground.