Do the connection of the chain hoist hook and the heavy object

- May 17, 2019-

      Only when the chain hoist hook is connected with the heavy object can it be safely lifted. Any part of the chain hoist is important. Today we mainly introduce the importance of the hook.

We hoist heavy objects by hanging heavy objects on the hooks to carry out lifting work. We must ensure that the weights are firmly fixed, and the integrity of the chain hoist tongues is also a key factor to ensure safety.

      Which operation is wrong? If the weight is hung on the top end, the top of the hook causes the center of gravity to fall downward due to the weight, causing the weight to be unhooked, causing the weight to fall and damage.

      Operating the chain hoist we will put safety first, the above description is part of the guarantee of its safety, how to determine whether the suspension is really stable? The guarantee method is to hang the weight that has been firmly fixed and the inside of the hook tongue. Note that the suspension must first be located at the center of gravity of the weight.

      The operation method we introduced, the user needs to do is to read carefully, the correct operation of the chain hoist. And the most taboo when we operate is the heavy object hanging on the hook or the diagonal pull operation.