Drum Lifting Clamp

- Apr 26, 2018-

Drum lifting clamp is a kind of tool used for lifting goods. In this case, it will also have the characteristics of evenly distributed horizontal lifting. When the lifting operation is performed, the lifting pliers will be opened and firmly clamped in the required work. Above the weight, then lift again. When dismantling, care should be taken to remove the lifting pliers after the heavy object has landed and no load has been applied. Hanging lifting pliers with self-locking device, work safe and reliable. Easy to operate, high work efficiency, easy maintenance.


Drum Lifting Clamp a series of use matters:


The hanging and hanging work of the barrel lifting pliers during use must be performed by qualified personnel of the suspending and loading work; after that, attention should be paid to selecting the tongs that match the purpose; the use within the allowable load range must not occur. Overloading phenomenon; used within the allowable plate thickness range; can not enter the lifting operation range or the turning area.


The use of drum lifting clamp also means that it is not possible to knock or impact the hangers and spreaders; it is not possible to make the hangers move sharply or stop sharply; the use of barrel lifting clamps must also be used. To avoid heavy lifting, it is best to use more than 2 tongs for safety; check before use, bite heads, gaskets, clogging between teeth, wear status and other abnormal phenomena, and then use after inspection.


The lifting pliers must not be used on objects other than iron and steel, and must not be used for objects with excessive hardness. For objects with irregular slopes, it is not possible to use the lifting method. Lift.


Lifting pliers lifting considerations, but also pay attention to the situation can not be erected under the situation of vertical bite; after the lifting can not be hoisted more than 2 overlapping objects; barrel lifting clamp when lifting, when If the lifting object is covered with rust, oil, paint, and other foreign objects, it should be wiped off before lifting the lifting pliers; when the lifting temperature is higher than 150°C-20°C, it cannot be used.