Drum Lifting Clamp meter quality inspection method and operation specification

- Mar 21, 2019-

The surface of the Drum Lifting Clamp should be smooth and flat, no cracks or damage, welds should be welded, no slag, no welding deformation; no cracks in the rings, shaft holes, etc., the wear of the rings should not exceed 10% of the original diameter; Test twice with a safe load and keep it for five minutes. After unloading, conduct a full inspection without permanent deformation. The jaw opening of the bucket lifting clamp shall be within 10% of the original size; it shall also be marked with a safety load and the like.


The bucket lifting clamp should be equipped with protective gloves before operation. It is confirmed that the weight of the hoisted weight is matched with the load of the bucket lifting clamp. Overloading is strictly prohibited. Check the chain for chaining, knotting, knotting, etc. If the following conditions occur, please adjust the chain before proceeding to the next step.


When the bucket lifting clamp is attached to the heavy object, find the appropriate center of gravity and ensure that the center of gravity has no problem before lifting. Before lifting the lifting weight, check whether there is any protection between the chain lifting rigging and the heavy object to avoid damage to the surface of the heavy object during lifting. Check whether there are personnel working and obstacles in the lifting range, and clear the field in time, and remove the obstacles before lifting. After the heavy object is lifted, no more personnel may pass under the weight or check the construction at the bottom.