Drum lifting clamp use and inspection standards

- Jan 19, 2019-

Drum lifting clamp belong to a pair of lifting spreaders, mainly used for loading and unloading vertical drums. It is mainly composed of a tong body, a tongs, a tongs lever, a spring, etc., and the drum pliers is pressed into the barrel flange when the operation is performed. When the tongs are lower than the barrel end flange, the spring force causes the tongs to withstand the convexity. The edge is self-locking and can be lifted. When disassembling, press the tongs lever to disengage the tongs from the oil drum flange.


The bucket can also be lifted vertically by the bucket lifting clamp. Need to pay attention to the use, in order to ensure safety, it needs to be tested accordingly. Firstly, all parts and welds of the drum pliers should be free of cracks or air holes; the nipper plate and the arm plate should be straight and freely movable; the nipper joints must be matched and must not be misaligned; the fasteners are well assembled; the brackets should not be damaged or have Sharp angle.


In order to ensure the quality of the bucket lifting clamp, it should be noted that the arm plate should not be distorted or bent, and the upper and lower arm plates should be free to move, and the gap can not affect the nipper anastomosis. The nipper joint must be anastomosed, must not be misaligned, and its anastomosis height is about 3mm. The bracket must not be missing or have an acute angle to prevent damage to the drum. The shaft pin and shaft hole wear amount does not exceed 5% of the original diameter.