Electric Chain Block Hoist application field and inspection notes

- May 16, 2018-

As a special lifting device, Electric Chain Block Hoist has shown many advantages. It is not only small in size but also lighter in weight. It is generally installed on cranes and gantry cranes. For the user, the Electric Chain Block Hoist is powerful, easy to operate and easy to use. At present, it is mainly used in industrial and mining enterprises, storage, docks and other places.


From the analysis of the structure, the structural design of the Electric Chain Block Hoist itself is very compact, and the hydraulic system adopts dual control. The overflow regulating valve and the magnetic contact pressure gauge can accurately control the pressure. The electrical control department uses low-voltage control to increase the security of the control system. The machine adopts a mechatronics design in the design, so that in use, different types of steel wire ropes can be pressed by replacing different molds.


Application field of electric hoist: According to the current application situation, the machine is mainly used for lifting, pulling, loading and unloading heavy objects, flipping the oil tank, such as various large and medium-sized concrete, steel structures and mechanical equipment. Install and move. The fields and industries involved include construction and installation companies, civil engineering works and bridge construction of factories and mines, mechanical equipment such as electricity, ships, highways, automobile manufacturing, construction, bridges, metallurgy and mining and other infrastructure construction projects.


Before the Electric Chain Block Hoist is used, some inspection items must be completed in advance. First of all, the staff needs to confirm the obstacles or floating objects in the work area. In addition, pay attention to check and confirm that the manual control button is accurate and sensitive in the up, down, and left-right directions, and the motor and reducer should have no abnormal sound.


In addition, electric hoists must also ensure that their brakes remain sensitive and reliable before operation. In addition, it should be kept free of any foreign matter on its running track, and at the same time the movement of the upper and lower limiter should be accurate and sensitive. The hook stop nut should be fastened firmly and the hook should be flexible in both horizontal and vertical directions. And the hoist pulley of the Electric Chain Block Hoist should keep flexible rotation.