Electric chain hoist 500KG protection device and basic conditions

- May 02, 2019-

The electric chain hoist 500KG generally has a multi-directional guard during the process of use, so that it can effectively ensure the safety of its personnel and work to a certain extent, but its protective devices should also have some basic requirements.


1. It has the function of preventing danger, and the operating conditions of the electric hoist are suitable for operation, and do not hinder production and operation during use.


2. The 500kg electric hoist is firmly installed, reliable in performance, and has sufficient strength and rigidity when used. It is accurate in operation and stable in performance.


3. The 500kg electric hoist is very durable and does not affect the adjustment, repair, lubrication and inspection requirements of the hoist to a certain extent.


4. The guard itself should not pose a hazard to the operator.


500kg electric hoist before inspection work


1. The button of the operation handle controls the direction, the brake and the stopper are sensitive and accurate.


2. The wire rope has no defects, good lubrication and neatly arranged.


3. The motor and reducer rotate without abnormal noise.


4. There are no obstacles in the electric hoist track and personnel walking area.


5. Hooks and pulleys can be flexibly rotated.