Electric hoist is a manual lifting tool for heavy work

- Mar 14, 2020-

Generally, electric hoists are usually mounted on U-shaped rails. In response to this feature, we placed the cable in the middle of the track, which is the upper part of the I-beam. The steel wire rope is made of 10mm steel wire rope or round steel, and the top is fixed with a basket bolt; the slip ring is interlocked with the two rings, and there is a certain margin to prevent the steel wire from being scratched.

The electric hoist steering ring is connected by two bolts and can rotate freely. One end of the steering ring is sheathed on a steel cable, and the motor cable leads to the lower end of the steering ring. Then, one end of the plurality of slip rings is screwed to the steel cable, and the rubber sleeve is fixed to the lower end of the slip ring in sections. The front end of the electric hoist is connected to the motor and can rotate freely. The back end is connected to a power source. Under the traction of the motor, the traction cable is centered on the steering ring, and the cable moves linearly or cyclically.

Electric hoist is a manual lifting tool for heavy work. A chain hoist is a lifting tool that is driven by a human hand through a handle to drive the movement of the take-up device. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, convenient carrying and convenient operation, and is suitable for lifting and guiding work in remote areas and in the wild. The lifting and guiding distances are not limited and can be determined by the length. Selected chain.

Electric hoist has excellent structure, safe and reliable use, durable; machine is simple to use and comfortable to operate; small size, light weight, easy to carry; all are structural steel, all of which are gear rotation and special grade alloy chain; There are bearings or bushes for rotation; spray-painted product surfaces; professional alloy hooks can meet the product's overload; the products can meet the weight of the rated load.