Electric hoist stop is very important

- Feb 07, 2018-

Electric hoist motor is a special tapered rotor motor, when the brake solenoid behind the motor is not energized, the power of the spring will push the cone-shaped rotor, the rotor is in a brake state, this time, only the motor power is turned on, Because the rotor is braked, can not be rotated, the motor will easily burn. Therefore, the electric hoist wiring must not cancel the brake solenoid wiring.

In order to prevent hoisting, electric hoist is anti-overhead limit switch to prevent the hook near the hoist, but the limit protection function in normal use, when not in use as long as the operation is no problem, will not cause the motor to burn out, Brake when the limit line (brake electromagnet generally use ~ 220V, specific to see the requirements of the model).