Electricity scalpel ——Taihu lever blocks

- Mar 01, 2021-

Nowadays, the development of electric power has entered an explosive period. As the speed of electric power development accelerates, more and more problems have arisen. Electric power workers are the "doctors" who solve circuit problems, and these "doctors" must have their best "scalpels" in their hands.

Taihu lever blocks

The Taihu lever blocks is the best "scalpel" in their hands. With its own performance and material quality, it makes the work of electric power operators easier and safer; first of all, its own strong traction ability makes it It can easily perform common electrical operations such as line tensioning and adjustment. Not only that, its own light weight and magnetic avoidance performance make it more suitable for electrical operations; we only need to fix it and repeatedly pull the wrench. Work safely and efficiently.

The performance and quality of Taihu lever hoist make it easier for us to carry out various operations, so that we can carry out the operations we need more safely and efficiently.