Explosion-proof manual chain block features

- Apr 19, 2018-

For some small factories, open-air or non-powered explosive gas environments, it is clear that the use of explosion-proof electric hoists will be more expensive. Thus, at this time, people naturally think of an explosion-proof lifting device that can be operated manually without the need of a power supply, and refers to an explosion-proof manual chain block or an explosion-proof manual trolley.


When the explosion-proof manual chain hoist is in use, it is necessary to pay attention to this explosion-proof chain hoists supporting explosion-proof manual car can also be composed of explosion-proof hand-drawn lifting transport car, suitable for single-rail overhead transport, manual single-beam overhead crane and cantilever type On the crane, the chain hoist can also be used alone. Explosion-proof signs are ExIIB, ExIIC.

The realization of no power supply operation, especially in outdoor use, can better reflect its superiority.


Explosion-proof manual chain hoists are also lightweight and easy to carry. Hand chain hoists and manual trolleys are light weight and are very convenient for handling. It is safe, reliable and easy to use. Because the hand chain hoist and the manual trolley are pulled by manpower, the hoisting and the running speed are relatively slow, so the safety is high, and because the structure is simple, the reliability is good, and the workload of maintenance is very little.


Explosion-proof manual chain block itself has a higher mechanical efficiency, the bracelet pull. Such as the 10t chain hoist in the full-load lifting, this pull on the bracelet is only 450N; 10t manual car full load operation, the bracelet pull is also only in the 200N.


Explosion-proof manual chain hoist in appearance is quite beautiful, with a durable feature. Explosion-proof manual chain hoists and hand trolleys are made of stainless steel. In addition to the use of the above components, it is important to note that in this case, collision-friction sparks are most likely to be produced using spark-free materials or Covered.