Flexible analysis of the chain hoist running department

- Jun 19, 2019-

       In the operation process of the mine chain hoist, some minor problems will inevitably occur. Today, we mainly explain the inflexibility of the manual hoist operation.

       Usually we think that the inflexible operation will think of whether there is any problem in the chain. In fact, we should not only focus on the chain. Other reasons may also cause this to happen.

       1. The guide chain wheel also plays a vital role in the mine chain hoist. If the sprocket wheel does not work well with the chain, the chain will not run smoothly.

       2. If the chain is not protected during use, it will rust and the friction will become larger, which will make the operation abnormal.

       3. "Deformation" is also a big reason! If we use the squeezing deformation of the chain hoist during use, the internal structure will be deformed and the chain will also affect the operation.

       Sometimes the problem may be varied. If you have problems with the use of mine chain hoists, please feel free to contact us.