Galvanized Hand Chain insulation treatment and cleaning requirements

- Jul 12, 2018-

The Galvanized Hand Chain is still very widely used in our daily life, and it plays an irreplaceable role to a certain extent. We need to insulate it when it is used, and it can better exert its performance. Then we should How to insulate it?

There are many methods for insulation treatment. The first is the wrapping method, which uses polyvinyl chloride insulating tape to wrap the parts that need insulation. The round rod can also be covered with a plastic tube of appropriate diameter. The second method is to apply insulating coating. The galvanized iron chain needs to be coated with insulating anticorrosive paint after surface treatment such as derusting, degreasing and drying. The Galvanized Hand Chain of the Galvanized Hand Chain after insulation treatment not only has a better appearance, but also has a good effect on its service life. At the same time, it can better play its safety performance and avoid accidents.


Galvanized Hand Chains are often used for outdoor protection when used. It is inevitable that dirt will appear during the process of use. At this time, we need to carry out cleaning. First of all, the cleaning agent we use cannot be an acidic cleaning agent, because zinc is very active in the acidic state and will react. If cleaning agent is not needed, we can rinse it directly with water. After the Galvanized Hand Chain is cleaned, it should be dried after washing to prevent it from rusting. Moreover, we should pay attention to the cleaning, do not use a sharp steel brush to brush, so it is easy to cause galvanized damage on the surface, so that the iron inside is very easy to be corroded and oxidized, it is best to maintain it regularly.