Galvanized hand chain protection performance and selection techniques

- May 10, 2018-

In order to achieve effective anti-corrosion effect, it is generally used in the production of hot dip galvanized, also called hot-dip galvanized way to process galvanized chain. Specifically, the rust-removed steel pieces are immersed in a molten zinc solution at a temperature of about 500° C. to form a galvanized chain by attaching a zinc layer to the surface of the steel component. This also serves the purpose of corrosion protection.


For the time being, the surface production of galvanized hand chain products is to maintain a 5 to 15 μm electrogalvanized layer. The hot-dip galvanized layer is generally more than 35μm, even up to 200μm. On the other hand, hot-dip galvanizing has good covering ability, dense plating, and no organic inclusions. As we all know, in fact, the mechanism of zinc corrosion resistance is mechanical protection and electrochemical protection. In the atmospheric corrosion conditions, the surface of the zinc layer has ZnO, Zn (OH) 2 and basic zinc carbonate protective film, to some extent, slow down the zinc Corrosion.


And this layer of protective film, usually we can call it white rust, if it is damaged, it will form a new film again. When the zinc layer is seriously damaged and the iron matrix is endangered, zinc will electrochemically protect the matrix. The standard potential of zinc is -0.76V, and the standard potential of iron is -0.44V. When zinc and iron form a microbattery, zinc is dissolved as an anode. Protected as a cathode. It can be seen that for the anti-atmospheric corrosion ability of the base metal iron, the galvanized chain product is superior to the electroplating zinc in the hot dip galvanizing method.


So, for users, how can we choose high quality galvanized hand chains? At present, some users' friends are confused about this issue. Next, we will introduce some questions that we need to pay attention to when buying, and help everyone better select.


To solve this problem, when selecting, we must first select according to the gloss of the galvanized hand chain. If the surface is not shiny, it may be galvanized technology is not up to standard, and the product quality is not qualified. The second is to see if the quality of the surface of the chain is in good condition. Finally, we need to look at the process of welding the galvanized chain. At the very least, we must weld firmly and then beautify it.