Galvanized hand chain storage and selection

- Apr 24, 2018-

Galvanized hand chain is a kind of metal tool which can often be seen in life. It is the most widely used in the field of construction and machinery in industrial production. In order to ensure the service life of galvanized chain, it is necessary to pay attention to daily storage.


When storing the galvanized chain, there are many issues to be noticed. First, it is necessary to pay attention to rust prevention. When idle, you need to put it in a dry, well-ventilated environment, and pay attention to it. Keep away from oil storage so as not to be contaminated by oil. After that, it also needs to be noted that it cannot be in contact with the acidic environment, because the acidic product is prone to chemical reactions, so as to avoid changes in the galvanized layer on the surface of the chain, affecting normal use. These are problems that need to be noticed during the storage process.


The method of galvanized hand chain when selecting:


When selecting a galvanized hand chain, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to how the material of the chain is. In this respect, in fact, because each steel component is not the same, it has a great influence on the strength of the chain, so it will directly The effect of this product on its overall performance.


After that, regarding the selection of galvanized chains, it is necessary to observe how the surface quality of the chain is. After the chain is galvanized, there will be a galvanized layer on the surface, which can play a protective role and enhance The corrosion resistance of the galvanized chain makes the appearance even smoother and cleaner. If this requirement cannot be met, it is a poor quality product.


Then, regarding the selection of the galvanized chain, we must also pay attention to checking the quality of the joints on the chain, and then we must also pay attention to ensure that the chain itself is firmly connected. If its chain joints are not firm, the bearing capacity is relatively poor. In the face of external impact, it will also be easier to break. Therefore, we must also pay attention to this when choosing.