Galvanizing process and welded joint performance of galvanized hand chain

- May 25, 2019-

Galvanized hand chains are widely used in life, and the reason for their longer service life compared to other chains depends more on their galvanizing process. The joint performance of the galvanized chain is closely related to our welding, which affects the quality of the galvanized chain.


Therefore, the protection of the weld metal is strengthened during the welding process of the galvanized chain, and the various impurities entering the welding zone during the welding process are affected to affect the quality of the weld. The weld is alloyed or metallurgically treated to increase the microstructure of the weld metal.


In the welding process of galvanized chain, the welding method and welding process are reasonably selected, and the thermal influence of the weld zone is minimized as much as possible, thereby improving the welding quality of the welding head. After the welding process is completed, heat treatment of the whole or part of the welding head can eliminate the internal stress of the welding head and refine the grain, thereby improving the performance of the welded galvanized chain joint.