GCLY\GCTY manual trolley is more competitive

- Jul 28, 2018-

The collision avoidance trolley of Wuxi Yongchang avoids the collision of the traditional trolley when running. The trolley is impeccable from appearance to material to quality.

Manual chian hoist trolley advantages:

1.Trolley cover part of the use of thickened steel plate, anti-collision effect is good, there are two kinds of red and blue.

2.Chain diameter 4.8mm, can be made of stainless steel, tensile strength and yield strength is high, no rust.

3.Monorail trolley installation size is small, wheel spacing adjustment is convenient, the use of a variety of I-steel type.

4.New protection chain technology, winding design.

The GCLY\GCTY type hand pulling monorail has 5 kinds of specifications from 1t to 10t. It is driven by hand zipper and walks on the lower flange of I-steel track. It is used in combination with manual hoist or electric hoist. It is widely used in factories, mines, wharfs, warehouses and machine rooms and other places.