Why is the hand chain hoist cannot lift up heavy objects

- Nov 04, 2018-

      Hand chain hoist is mainly to achieve large tonnage lifting operation, efficient completion of the work, but sometimes we encounter hand-pulled hoist in lifting, spent half a day, the weight did not move, what is the reason for the occurrence of manual chain block this situation?

      The first brake parts are seriously damaged. Brake components include ratchets, pawls, friction pads and so on. Serious rust will reduce the safety factor of friction pads, leading to the hand-pulled hoist can not drive heavy objects when lifting.

      The second lifting chain is damaged. Lifting chain runs with lifting sprocket. If the chain of hand hoist is damaged, the sprocket will not run smoothly and lose the coordination of sprocket, so that the goods can not move.

      The third the ratchet spring loses its elasticity. Spring can be said to be an important part of the hand hoist. Half of the operation of the hand hoist needs it. When the spring is damaged seriously or the spring loses elasticity, it will lead to the chain wheel and brake can not run normally, which will make the hand hoist unable to lift the weight.

      These are the reasons why the hand chain hoist can not lift heavy objects. In daily use, inspection and regular maintenance can avoid this situation. Without affecting the operation, the hand-pulled hoist can carry out lifting work smoothly and efficiently.