Hand chain hoist, electric hoist injury prevention and control

- Jan 11, 2019-

      Electric hoist is referred to as electric hoist, and chain hoist is referred to as reverse chain. The electric hoist is mainly composed of an electric motor, a reducer, a reel, a wire rope, a hook and a control box; the reverse chain is mainly composed of a sprocket, a hand chain, a transmission machine, a lifting chain and a hoisting hook.

      The amount of telephone with a hoisting chain greater than or equal to 1t must be inspected by the local quality and technical supervision bureau. After passing the certificate, the “Regular Inspection Report for Hoisting Machinery” will be issued. The inspection period is two years; the reverse chain can be self-inspected by the enterprise, and the inspection period is one year. .

      The safe work site

  • It is necessary to use an electric (hand-drawn) hoist that has passed the inspection.

  • The perimeter of the hoisting work must be set up with a warning zone and guardianship


1. Electric hoist

(1) The safety device such as the brake and limiter of the electric hoist is sensitive and reliable, and the rope guide is intact.

(2) The wire rope end fixing should be firm and reliable.

(3) When the electric hoist is lowered, the wire rope on the reel is not less than 2 turns.

2. Hand chain hoists

(1) The safety device such as the torque converter of the chain hoist is sensitive and reliable.

(2) Chains of chain hoists should be vertically suspended, and there should be no twists and breaks between chain links.


(3) The chain is intact, the chain is stretched and flexible, and there is no card stuck phenomenon.