Hand chain hoist maintenance

- Jul 04, 2018-

The carrying capacity of the manual chain hoist is greatly related to its own weight, and the manual weights of different specifications of the manual chain hoist are not the same. Under normal circumstances, the weight of a 1 ton 3 meter manual chain hoist is approximately 11 kg; the manual chain block of 2 ton 3 meters has a weight of approximately 15 kg; the manual chain block of 3 ton 3 meters has a weight of approximately 25 kg; 5 tons of 3 meters The manual chain hoist has a weight of about 37kg.


The larger the specification, the larger the hand chain hoist is, the heavier the weight is. In addition to the above-mentioned types, there are 10 tons of 3 meter manual chain hoists, and the self-weight is about 70kg; the manual chain hoist of 20 tons and 3 meters has its own weight. For 185kg; 30 tons of 3 meters of manual chain hoists weigh about 290kg.


Regardless of the specification of the hand chain hoist, how much is its weight, in the use of the process must be properly maintained and maintained in order to make it apply longer. Therefore, after each use of the manual chain hoist, first wipe the mud, dust, or oil adhered to the loose end wire rope, loosen the jaws, pull out the steel wire rope, sequentially wind the steel wire rope around the collection frame, and wipe the full length steel wire rope. Store the wire rope in a dry place to prevent rust.


Secondly, hand-operated chain hoists should be handled at least four times a year for maintenance, such as diesel-cleaning parts and calcium-based grease lubrication. When the interior of the movement is filled with mud, cement or other dirt, it can be rinsed with fresh water and then cleaned with diesel oil. After cleaning and drying, grease is greased on the calcium base. Finally, loosen the jaws and clean the jaws with a clean cotton yarn. Grease and moisture.


If the hand chain hoist jaws are worn due to years of work, the jaws should be replaced when the bearing capacity is less than 80% of the rated load. When the rope diameter is reduced by 10%, the steel wire rope should be replaced to ensure that the equipment is used. There is a good working condition.