Hand hoist for cargo handling

- Sep 11, 2019-

      Lifting the hand hoist, I believe that everyone is no stranger to the Taihu manual chain hoist, its application is very extensive, and it can often be seen in daily life.


      The lever hoist can be operated without power, so the hoist can be used during cargo loading. Because the weight of the cargo is relatively large, it is difficult to carry it by manpower alone. However, the appearance of the lever hoist provides convenience for the worker during the handling process. Hang the hoist on the fixed lifting point, hang the cargo on the lower hook of the hoist and then pull the handle by the human hand. As the handle moves back and forth, the weight will rise smoothly and cut during use. Do not overload the operation, the goods are easy to fall and cause danger.

      Ingenious use of the lever hoist during the handling of the goods brings convenience to the worker and improves the work efficiency. At the same time, it is necessary to keep the hand hoist cleaned and apply the lubricating oil after the end of use, so that it can be used better next time. .