​Hand hoist maintenance methods

- Jul 20, 2018-

Hand hoist maintenance methods: 

  1. after use, the hand hoist should be cleaned up and coated with antirust grease and stored in dry place.

  2. maintenance and overhaul should be carried out by those who are familiar with the hand hoist organization, so as to prevent those who do not know this mechanical principle to assemble and disassemble at will.

  3. handwheel in the case of pressing the friction disc ratchet wheel, the distance between the hand wheel  and the six corner slotted nut at both ends should be controlled at 0.2-0.5mm.

  4. after cleaning and overhauling, the hand hoist should be carried out in no load test to confirm that the work is normal and the braking is reliable.

  5. the friction surface of the brake must be kept clean, and the brake part should be checked regularly to prevent the brake failure from causing accidents.